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Derek Elliott – Choosing the right business name

Press Release   •   Sep 21, 2010 14:29 EDT

It says to the customers that. who you are, what you do, how you do it and differentiate your business name from your peers- if you do it right.

Sometimes, new entrepreneurs are in rush to get started at their businesses that they jump right into working with customers without giving much thought to their BUSINESS NAME. “I’ll just do business under my own name for a while, until I find something I like.” While it might be easy at the time, you might want to re-think the plan to change business names down the road. You will find that, as your professional Identity and customer base grow, people have started to IDENTIFY you with the name of your company. So consider these elements for effective business name.

An Effective Business Name,
Tells who you are.

Your business name should reflect your identity. This is an essential aspect of branding. You are going to promote your new business name,and taking it in front of as many eyes as possible as often as possible. You may incorporate your name into the name of your business. This is very common in some professions like, legal, medical, and accounting leap to mind. Others prefer a more descriptive business name.

Tells what you do,

It’s incredible how many business names gives right indication of what type of work the organization actually does. Take the following examples,

Arby’s Brothers
Five guys

Can you identify the nature of the business of these companies? Of course you can’t. They’re relying on customers already knowing who they are or by having their business name found in ‘context’, such as a yellow pages or on-line business directory.

Tells how you do it,

Words are powerful. By carefully picking up the words you use in your business name, you can convey a great deal about your company’s image. Take look at the names of three different bodywork centers,

Champlain Valley Therapeutic Massage
Clouds Above Massage
Speedy Spa

All the three companies are providing the same service “Massage therapy”, but the first one differentiate themselves with more of medical approach by the name, the second, a dreamy, luxury approach, and the third focuses on fast service.

It Differentiate you from your peers,

By the Unique business name, you differentiate yourself from your competitors. This can be done by emphasizing what aspect of your products and services can’t be found anywhere else – or that you do better than anyone else.
Consider the massage therapy example we have seen, every business has a different focus and approach to its customer base. They’re pulling different types of clients, who are seeking fundamentally different approaches. All of which is conveyed in less than five words.

So When choosing a business name, you may have a plenty of options. Take time to brainstorm the names, separate the best choices, discuss that choices with friends and colleagues, and always check to see if the business name is legally available in your state business registry. You have to live with your business name choice. Make sure it counts. Derek Elliott

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