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Derek Elliott – Deadlines should be an Integral part of Business Plan

Press Release   •   Oct 08, 2010 16:06 EDT

Deadlines are everywhere for everyone. Tax cut-off dates. Registering for an election by closing date. We are inherently lazy creatures, we need deadlines. For instance, if there is no deadlines, your newspaper or magazine would not be available when you expect it; the 9 pm. news may come on at 11:15 pm. long after you are in bed.

In most of the organizations where I have had an inside peek, deadlines always seemed to get pushed back. At all levels of government committees are created to take care of this problem, focus groups are created to take the pulse of the problem, reports are written to get at the problem. Running a small business will sometimes allow these kinds of delaying tactics. Deadlines can and do turn goals into reality. The ONLY way to avoid a problem in a small business is to roll up your sleeves and dig in and that includes setting a deadline for finishing it. Action is the name of the game, not excuses and delays. The small business owners are constantly up to the neck in deadlines with almost no one to whom they can hand off the action required. Real life in a business is not like a school where you can miss a deadline if your dog ate your paper. In the real world there are NO excuses.

Small business owners are often forgot about the pleasures and fun things in order to meet their deadlines. Whining is not allowed in the small biz environment. Whether sick or stressed, crashed computer or conked car, the entrepreneur should meet the deadlines. They rarely get sick. They often play hurt. Such attributes are part of the game that set you apart from your competitors, no matter what business you are in. You van become a swivel point of any deal, because you are the person that makes things happen. Successful small business owners are rarely stall and make excuses no matter how difficult the task or the challenge. They set deadlines and meet them come Hell or high water. They set and squeeze the deadlines and train themselves to faithfully and firmly follow-up. Deadlines and follow-up habits are become a norm in a well established business.

Make your deadlines fair and I’m sure the productivity effectiveness in your business will definitely improve.

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