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Derek Elliott – Decision Making is your key to Success

Press Release   •   Nov 13, 2010 13:09 EST

This technical world is too competitive and competent. At first you have to know about the difference between wish making and decision making. But making a good decision is the key to success.

The word decision is nothing but neglecting the other options with a good, pretty decisive. Some people have a hard time with the decision making rather than the wish making. Such people will be more afraid and can fear about the failure. So they don’t even go for it and may be worried about the other people’s saying. Most of the people would certainly wish to make more money, to be happier, to become better than others and to live a healthier life. But it is just a wish and to make your wishes fruitful, you have to make a good decision. Moving from a wish to decision is crucial for anyone who wants to make a big change.

Generally, whether we are aware of the process or not we make the decisions at all time. Some decisions are made in an auto-pilot mode which works well in some cases but not in others. Our decisions are based on our thoughts and emotions. Then our decisions bring about the actions and those actions bring out the result.

The decision you make should be so simple, everlasting during the whole journey towards your dream. The simple decision should be clear and goal oriented. So, a typical businessman should plan and decide his day to day activities. Then the decision should include about your attitude, what you will do with your time and energy, how will you talk and think about your goal, what tactics you will engage to move forward. Thus each successful decision can automatically cuts off the other options.

Then the Decision-making is an important leadership skill. The indecisive people lack their self confidence. It is really important to acknowledge what you have gained by being decisive. When you start making a decision, you have to take a note of both the tangible and the intangible benefits. By following the same , we can recognize the full benefits of being decisive and can easily calculate the level of success that you achieve in life.

So get into the habit of making the simple decisions fastly and individually. Then regularly perform the cost-benefit analysis of the key decisions that you make. Your life is the sum result of all the choices you make it for certain conditions. If you area able to control the process of deciding, then you can take control of all the aspects of your life. Making a decision and sticking to it is the key to success!