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Derek Elliott – Entrepreneurship and the Business Environment

Press Release   •   Nov 13, 2010 13:10 EST

It is actually defined as the process where a group or an individual makes an effort to pursue the opportunities to satisfy the necessary needs through the uniqueness and innovation. Most of the people have a wrong statement that entrepreneurs are gamblers in the sense that they take risks and invest in industries with no record of success. However, the truth is that the entrepreneurs take calculated risks who have the potential to provide them with huge returns.

The key factors you need to remember about entrepreneurship are the opportunities, innovation, and growth.

  • An entrepreneur views the opportunities through the environmental trends and changes.
  • The second theme in entrepreneurship is the innovation which involves transforming and revolutionizing existing products or services to cope up with the changing global environment.
  • The third theme is growth which involves the continual efforts of an entrepreneur to expand the business locally and internationally. An entrepreneur is always with the constant thoughts to create new approaches for his business growth and success.

The largest Multinational corporations you find today was not developed at once, rather they started out as a small enterprises by visionaries who want more than what is offered to them. By seeing the history of some of the most successful business corporations,we can easily get he clear sketch of the hardwork. The founders of these businesses have taken higher and incredible amounts of risks to be like this today.

It is too obvious in the internet commerce because this is a new industry. People who are unheard of before are becoming the richest names in the world and it is all because they have taken risks and have succeeded. So whether we all realize this concept or not, it is the entrepreneurs who drive the global environment today. They are the ones who are always seeking out opportunities and taking risks to improve the world and profit in turn.

The business environment and even the technological advancements which are available today would not have been possible if these entrepreneurs did not come out of their comfort zone to invest in the development of these businesses.

Thus having the entrepreneurial spirit is definitely necessary for any of businesses to reach greater heights and to provide better,faster products and services to their clients. So a lot of business enterprises are hiring only dynamic individuals with a greater vision and fearless people take who can take more number of risks to ensure the survival of the business tomorrow.