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Derek Elliott – How to Improve Decision Making Skills

Press Release   •   Nov 13, 2010 13:04 EST

It is better to take a right decision at the right time for the right place. But most of the persons in the world are not able to take the right decision at the right time.

To improve the decision making skills you have to identify the relevant steps to solve the related problems. Then Decision making is a cognitive skill and it is not a easy skill, regardless of intelligence. By working through the decision making process, you can easily discuss the error handling problems in a disaster situation. Then focus on the process to solve a problem or make a right decision. We can sort down the steps on a paper for the future use.

The following steps are used to improve your decision making skills. They are,

  • At first step you should define the problem. A person can not solve a problem until he/she clearly understands and defines the problem.
  • Then try to label the problem in an accurate and real terms. For example, John can’t drive me to the work. The definition above describes the cause of a possible problem. However, the problem may or may not depend on the other factors. Then by rephrasing the problem you can find a new focus over the problem. “How will I go to work?”, this new problem states some other new information. If john has informed you before, then there is no trouble and you can arrange for the other options. Thus searching the appropriate solution is very important in decision making.
  • During the emergency problems you should develop some alternative solutions. This is known as brainstorming. None of our thought is a bad one, so each thought is a possible answer.
  • Then you have to forecast your ability to achieve each solution and should make decisions by forecasting each consequences. From the above example, by forecasting the problem, you may think of calling a taxi. But while making the decision, the alternative factors such as taxi fare and the distance should be evaluated.
  • Make decisions and pick up the best solution and execute it. After Evaluation if the result was successful, then the person can learn a lot about the great decision. But if the problem continues again, then the evaluation result is unsuccessful.

After making the decision, you should not conclude with the same. Instead, you should implement the same in the upcoming problems and have to analyze the successful results. Thus the decision making is the beginning.

Derek Elliott is the Managing Director of Derek Elliott Consulting Ltd and he always deals with clients personally overseeing all assignments.