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Derek Elliott – Important Qualities to become a successful entrepreuner

Press Release   •   Sep 21, 2010 16:01 EDT

Here are qualities that you must develop to become a successful entrepreneur.

Passion for work:
You must have a passion for the business that you are doing. Rather than doing it just for earning money, do it for thrill and satisfaction. I am not asking you to do free social service…being a businessman, you need to make money…but thinking only about money will only land you in trouble. Money will automatically come if your hard work and sincerity is present in your work.

Freedom from depression:
Usually most people will get depressed and frustrated within a short span of starting their new venture, due to the erratic income, the complications of being involved in the business world, stiff competition, lack of leadership qualities, family pressure, etc. If the reason for your frustration is anything apart from the money, then you have to say yourself that, ‘The darkest time of the day is just before dawn’ and hold on to your business for some more time. Miracles may happen.

Decision making:
Make bold decisions whenever required, without delay. Great opportunities come rarely…delay in making decisions may result in you missing them. But remember to think twice before making important decisions…be wise.

Creative thinking:
Applying creativity to your business is crucial for the survival of your business. Try to find creative solutions to the problems you are facing, apply creativity to manage your employees, and put creativity into the products you are manufacturing. Creative ideas can have the ability to revolutionize the world and also your own lives!

Planning and organization:
Planning and organization are crucial ingredients for the success, not only in business but in any field. Everyone work, but the reason why certain people are successful and most others are not is that successful people do well planned and organized work. They may have the clear picture of what has to be done, when it has to be done and how it has to be done. Plan what has to be done when and do it in an organized way, whatever may be the goal. Developing these two qualities alone can completely alter your present life into a marvelous one. Successful people are experts in time management.

Risk taking:
Taking calculated risks is crucial for the growth of your business, and those who don’t take risks in their business will fail to succeed or even if they succeed, their success will be very limited.

Desire, dedication and discipline:
These three factors are highly important for you to become a happy, successful entrepreneur. They will be easily succeeded in their business with constant practice and perseverance.

Human relations:
Being an entrepreneur, you need to interact with a lot of people. They may be your subordinates or clients or share holders, so proper communication skills and attitude is very important. Remember, “85% of success in life is due to the ability to communicate and get along with people.”

Derek Elliott sure that developing the above qualities will make you as a successful entrepreneur. I wish you all the best in your new venture!!

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