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Derek Elliott – Learn from Mistakes

Press Release   •   Sep 27, 2010 16:20 EDT

But If you are trying to learn more, then learn from the mistakes correctly, that can propell you forward. So try to realize that ,mistakes are always an essential part of self improvement. Don’t be overwhelmed or tensed with guilt and regret, analyze how you can learn from them.

Apologise with Dignity
Generally our mistake may harm other people, it is important to offer a dignified apology. Make sure that this type of mistakes is not repeated again. A good apology can go along a way to restoring trust. It is more effective to apologize a person, than a curt email. However, once you have apologised, it is their mistake to repeatedly say sorry for the same mistake. Some people keep apologising over and over again. This becomes irritating. It is better to sincerely apologize once and then move on.

Don’t be a Perfectionist
If you go through life afraid to make a mistake, you’ll spend most of your life doing absolutely nothing. There is no harm in making mistakes, it is an essential part of going forward. The more responsibility you take on, the more likely you will make mistakes.

Don’t Waste Time Trying to Justify Mistakes
Unfortunately, it is our natural instinct to try to justify our actions. When you make a mistake, the initial reaction is to blame someone else.When mistakes are made, the boss is unlikely to be interested in justifications. We justify mistakes for the sake of our ego. Sometimes it is best to say, very simple. yes, I made a mistake.

Understand Why The Mistake Occurred
Mistakes occur for various reasons. To avoid repeating them, you need to understand the underlying reason.For example, you may have spoken in anger and haste; the mistake here is to say unkind words.

Avoid Repeating Mistakes:
You should avoid feeling guilty about making mistakes, but at the same time, you should make a resolution to learn from them. If you repeat the same mistakes, it shows you aren’t making progress and causes repeated suffering.

So the most important lesson in all of mistake making is to trust that while mistakes are inevitable, if you can learn from the current one, you’ll also be able to learn from future ones.

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