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Press Release   •   Sep 23, 2010 16:01 EDT

Among the numerous business management skills, the most important skill you should possess is the ability to think straight and develop the fact-based insight which produces business breakthroughs. Another skill which all business managers should strive to develop and deploy is ‘effectiveness’. And here we are going to discuss about some management skills.

This is one of the most important management skills. Leadership includes the management of human resources with an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the team. It is about leading the people and guiding them towards the achievement of a common goal. Responsibilities of leadership includes, allocation of work to the resources, planning of the implementation of tasks assigned and helping the team with task completion.

Team Building:
This management skill includes dealing with people, this is the most important asset of an organization. Encouraging the team members to speak up and come up with ideas and allowing them to make mistakes and learn from them can be described as a team building skill. To build a team, one needs to develop the team spirit in all of the team members and feel them motivated to the work, this is most important for a manager to cater to their expectations, recognize their strengths and understand where they lack. Team building means, building the team spirit in members and maintaining it. The skill includes, knowing the team and encouraging them to take initiative and enthusiastically participate in every venture of the company.

Communication and Presentation Skills:
Soft skills equally important in management like other managerial skills. It encompass the communication and presentation skills. A manager should be open with the team. They should be able to accept constructive criticism. It is important for the manager to communicate their plans to the team and accept the team members’ inputs on the plan of action. Communication is a two-way process and for it to remain so, a manager needs to possess listening skills. Good presentation skills can help the manager to efficiently communicate with the team. ‘How you communicate?’ is as more significance as ‘what you communicate?’ So, the presentation skills definitely matter.

Decision-making Skill:
Many a time, quick decisions have to be made and such cases requires the manager to grasp the situation, think about what can be done and thoughtfully analyze the consequences of the decision to be made. A problem-solving skill is also considered as one of the basic management skills. To handle the situation analytically, one should bear a problem-solving skill. One should find the reason for every consequence and come up with the pros and cons of the decision. A manager needs to be a quick thinker. For taking the right decision, one cannot afford to panic. A manager may get opportunities to celebrate a business success. But at times the manager is forced to handle the consequences because of their wrong decisions.

So the Management skills are about inducing the right decisions and getting them executed by the right people.

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