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Derek Elliott – Perspectives that Business Managers must consider while Decision Making

Press Release   •   Oct 26, 2010 15:27 EDT

Generally the managers are the responsible persons for making some important decisions. It is essential to consider both the customer and the business before making a decision. When a manager considers both the customer and the business, a proper balance is set easily. These two perspectives are the important objects of decision making.

The balance is in the form of boundaries which consider both the pros and cons of the decision making. The decision making is always linked with the matter of problem solving. So a special attention should be placed equally to both the customer and the business depending on the amount of problem concentration of each party.

The problem solving concentration is used for evaluating both the customer and the business. Then the customer will suffer a capital loss based on the mistake of the company. The customer’s level of consideration is due to the fault of the business. However, the business is considered even if the level of consideration is little. This will avoid abuses and disproportions in making a decision.

It is important to consider both the business and the customer while making decisions to remain in a neutral, non-biased role. It is adventitious to represent my business in a fair and a good manner. It is also important to value each customer with a fair perspective.

Alternatives in decision making should be chosen based on the specific variations. The Alternatives in decision making is used for necessary applicable changes or alternates within the decision making synthesis that consider all factors and un-limits a standardized decision result.

Both the business and customers are used in the decision making. Thus no other perspective alternatives can fulfill the decision making managers as these two. So decision making is the only way to solve all the problems at a stretch.