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Derek Elliott – Standing Out From the Crowd

Press Release   •   Sep 21, 2010 16:23 EDT

Standing out from the crowd can give your business a competitive edge to succeed and make money. One of the crucial aspects that any business should address is the issue of “uniqueness”. This one issue can measure the difference between success and failure. You see, if a business can’t stand out from the crowd, it will be very difficult to attract customers. And ultimately, a business without having the customers means no cash-flow, and no cash-flow means that the business will have to fold. So you can be unique and stand out from the crowd by following the 2 ways,

Give value first, receive second:
When everyone is doing their sales pitches to potential customers, you give value to them without expecting anything in return. Well, actually you are awaiting something in return, and that is to hope that they find value in what you have given them so that they trust you and eventually buy from you. But my advice is to you shouldn’t expect anything in return, and just give value to them first, regardless of whether they will buy your products or not. So just concentrate on giving value first to your prospective customers, and they will buy from you eventually.

Provide excellent customer service:
Most business owners and marketers fail to realize the fact of providing great customer service to their clients. Sadly, once their customers have bought the products from them, they neglect their customers by providing poor customer service or no customer service at all. These business owners and marketers are concentrated only in making new sales every day, which means they have to find new customers every single day. They fail to understand the fact that to get a happy, existing customer to buy again is much easier and cheaper than acquiring new customers. So try to provide a excellent customer service to your customers.

Be sure to implement the 2 tips that helps you to stand out in a crowd.

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