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Derek Elliott – Team work is a key to Growth

Press Release   •   Sep 28, 2010 17:25 EDT

But without a strong team at the top, you and your company will struggle under the weight of growth. Before framing a team you have to Know about certain things such as how to select, manage and lead a Top Team. It is one of the important secrets for the growth of the company. A good team posses its own values, vision, mission and plan throughout the company, aligns the company and accelerates its growth. By monitoring the company’s growth, you need to formally establish your Top Team. Each Top team consists of people who can manage three significant roles: functional, executive, and leadership.

The Roles and Responsibilities of Your Top Team:

When you are framing or assembling your Top Team, each member must be capable of fulfilling all of the following roles and responsibilities. Every one should be clear in this concept.

  • Manage their functional areas and the resources allocated to them.
  • Attract and retain great people.
  • Communication inside the team should be more effective so that everyone in their unit understands the company’s vision, mission, values, plan and how their job relates to the plan, the results expected of them.
  • Manage the implementation of the company’s plan.
    Every one should be a role model for innovation, teamwork, and problem-solving.
  • Help other team members to succeed.

Evolution of the Top Team:
Generally To increase the company’s growth, the leader must focus on strategy and planning. Only an effective team will be able to run the company and can focus on strategy. There should be day to day improvement in order to move out all the operations. Each and every team members must operate as a team and as leaders of growth. Your Top Team can help you to create a new and better “big-picture” vision as the company grows and some new perspectives and specialized knowledge.

Building a Tip-Top Team:
We have to be more wise about the people you hire and promote to build a great top team. While hiring the required people, at first Scrutinize the high-level selected candidates. Look for people you trust. Hire people those who can handle new duties that you delegate to them, and who will follow through. Select those people who use good judgment, treat others with respect, meet or exceed the performance expectations.

Thus Top Teams are a pivotal part of a great company. You have to face some challenges in building and aligning a diverse set of people to work towards a common goal. Finally If you are able to master the development and leadership of a selected Team, you’ll be able to sustain a definite growth which is greater than that you ever imagined.

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