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Derek Elliott – The Impact of Personal Success

Press Release   •   Sep 23, 2010 15:29 EDT

Successful individuals know that the foundation of personal and professional success lies in understanding yourself, understanding others, and realizing the impact of personal behavior on others. This understanding will be results in enhancing communications and reducing conflict. Lets see some examples for the impact for personal success,

Example 1:

I have known the nurse for some time. She depicted a common occurrence for people in the helping professions. Often they do not know the long term consequences of patients they have treated. When hashing out the possible outcomes of a medical procedure, the nurse related a story about a former patient. The story was told to slake fears about a serious operation. The way the nurse pertained the story had a deeper meaning for me. Recently, a former patient thank her for the help she had provided some years ago. After get back from the complicated treatment, the patient was now enjoying an active and contented life.

As she told the story, the personal satisfaction gained from the incident was really amazing She have been proud that the patient had finally found resolution. She knows that she helps people every day. Often, she handle serious complications, but it was nice to get some personal feedback.

Example 2:

Recently I met a man who had been the main leader of a youth group that I belonged to from the age of nine right through to early adulthood. His approach and example had a major impact on me. He inspired me to engage in leadership roles within the organisation. Many years after our youth club association had completed, my respect was so great that I thought of him when my family recently needed help. And my conversations with him confirmed his position. I know he has been a guide and inspiration to many people. Yet he has quietly and modestly gone through life.

So we can never change another person or their behavior. The only person we have direct control over is ourselves. Sometimes, by slightly changing our behavior, we can get the results or outcome that we desire from another individual or situation. Key factors that decides our behavior include; how we respond to our environment, our perception of ourselves as more powerful or less powerful than our environment, and our belief that we can change or overcome our environment.

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