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Derek Elliott – The importance of auditing and monitoring the business systems

Press Release   •   Sep 22, 2010 15:56 EDT

Sometimes you may own the systems, sometimes other organizations provide essential services that you depends on. Whether they are internal or external systems, you should regularly check to ensure that they are operating correctly and to the required standard. In this article we are going to discuss some operating tips for business operators.

Regularly check your key systems and processes:
The more important factor in any business is, regular auditing and monitoring. Try to do it personally or set up a system that does it for you. For example, I have make use of two different monitoring systems that check that my website is ‘up’. Both check the site every 15 minutes. I can claim with confidence that my website is available 99.9% of the time.
Adopt the mantra that no system is perfect:
Provide multiple communication channels like, Telephone, email, fax and mail to your clients. Websites are also awesome providers of information in peak information demand times. If one system does not work, have alternatives available. Because the every browsers may behave in different ways. So provide the alternatives for website visitors.
Use multiple methods:
Use automatic systems and do it manually. Seek feedback from staff and customers.
Ensure your systems can cope with overload:
The fault lines at utilities are a good example. If there is any electricity problem in my area, I ring the fault line. Nowadays a recorded voices lists all the locations currently affected. Only the isolated incidents necessitate personal contact with an operator. One day there was a huge surge of visitors to a particular page on my website. Later I have been discovered that a national current affairs TV program had featured a story relevant to the page topic. After the show, viewers surf the internet to search for more information. My page featured conspicuously in the top search engine results pages for the queries they were listing. My web host coped with the demand, so the people ‘clicked through’ to my site.

At the same time, I have spoken to someone who had been interviewed about their company and the service it provided. The company and website was highlighted after a few days on the TV show. Unfortunately, the company’s website could not deal with the overload and hundreds of potential customers could not get through. The opportunity provided by the ‘free’ advertising was not maximized because the website could not cope.

Have systems and procedures in place to assure procedures and policies. If you operate a call center, ring it. Tell the staff you will be making enquiries. Ask some questions like the customer and check out the information you receive is what you expected. Never assume your computer system is perfect. It won’t be. Be vigilant for errors and omissions. Test and keep on testing.

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