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Derek Elliott – The importance of Teams

Press Release   •   Sep 22, 2010 15:59 EDT

And teamwork will yield benefits to both individuals and organizations. Modern technology and new styles of doing business are changing the ways we use teams, but the underlying principles and benefits remain.

Virtual teams are increasingly common. Members of a team may never meet face to face. They collaborate from various parts of the word through telephone calls, email, file sharing technology and other online meeting methods.

Reasons for the increased use of teams:

Organizations believes that teams and teamwork as an effective way of doing business. In the last 20 years ‘supervisors’ are replaced by the ‘team leaders’. Companies have embraced these concepts because they work. Employee motivation and morale will increase dramatically when people feel valued and when their contributions make a difference. It is good to be part of something that is worthwhile.

Managing the team is challenging:

  • A team is a group of people and in which, each person contribute their individual knowledge and skills. Synergy, where the collective whole is definitely greater than the sum of the individuals, often occurs where teamwork is working well. The reason for the success of Teamwork is, individuals often do not have all the knowledge and skills necessary.
  • Working together is essential. Harmony and a positive attitude are critical. If the team is not working together, then you can’t get the expected results.
  • An understanding of the common goal/task is also critical. Individuals should be clear as to why the team exists and what the purpose is.

The team will fail, if there is an absence of any of the above three features . Not everyone has a positive experience. Teamwork has to be well managed. A balanced team composition is essential. Team members have to be carefully selected. The required knowledge and skills should be present. Team members need to be committed to the task. If you have the perfect team composition, team synergy can take over.

The success of the teamwork will not come automatically. It should be established for the right reasons. Selection of individuals for the team is very important, as is ensuring that the team purpose is clear and agreed upon.

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