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Derek Elliott – The Real Life of an Entrepreneur

Press Release   •   Sep 27, 2010 16:35 EDT

The challenge is really appealing in entrepreneurship and they don’t mind the risk. Others become entrepreneurs because they see little other choice. They don’t have a job and a new one isn’t forthcoming, so they start a business and try to make that work. Entrepreneurs have succeeded with innovative technologies, astute management, wit, or luck. The life of an entrepreneur is like a, life without any safety net — thrilling and dangerous. Misjudgments are punished ruthlessly. When competition gets tougher, small businesses feel it first. Financing is hard to find, sometimes impossible.

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task like as you think, to become an successful entrepreneur you must posses a few different qualities and this is passion and commitment. Without having these two main qualities you will not be able to succeeded in your business and enjoy the very appealing lifestyle that they live. It’s not just about the money. Most of the entrepreneurs may not have the fancy car, bungalow, the leisurely lifestyle, especially right off the bat. Instead there’s a great deal of struggling, hard work and frustration.

The Frustrations of Being an Entrepreneur:
Actually having your own business be your sole income thing isn’t at all easy. Matter of fact it can be incredibly frustrating at times. Things you think will work don’t. Money doesn’t quite come in like you wish it would. And there’s lots of hard work to be done. For most entrepreneurs it’s not sit back and let the residual income roll in, or even set a few ads each day and watch them work their magic. It’s hard work. Sometimes it seems like you can’t get money to come in no matter what you do.

It’s made up for somewhat by the times that you have no idea why things are going so smoothly. The big question is which side comes around more often. All you can do is try to build things up so that your income is a bit more stable. If you offer services, you need to get a good client base as well as keep advertising for new ones. Having a good number of clients means that much of the time one or another will need you to do something for them.

Getting Into the Entrepreneurial Mindset:
As an entrepreneur, you’re going to think differently than you did as an employee, or at least you had better if you want your business to thrive. No more relying on the boss to keep you motivated. No more guaranteed paycheck. Lots to learn, lots to do, not so many hours in the day as you might like. The best part is when you can go from trading dollars for hours to earning passive income, but that takes time, and that’s not every entrepreneur’s goal. Many are happy earning directly for the services they provide. You have to have that drive to be the best you can be at your business. To provide a better whatever than the others out there. To really love what you do so that even when you get frustrated you keep going.

The Balancing Act:
When your business is at home and you have kids, the balancing act gets even tougher. You need to work a lot of hours but you need to be there for your family too. But both want a ton of your time and can be quite unforgiving of each others’ needs. When you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll come up with your own balancing act. How it works will depend on you, the needs of your family and the needs of your business, but you’ll find your way.

Your life as an entrepreneur is going to be encompassed with so many challenges and you must remember that there is always going to be something standing in your way if you let it. Jumping the obstacle is surely going to be one of the most rewarding things that you can do over and over again. Stay focalized on your main goal and there is no reason why you can’t reach it.

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