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Derek Elliott – The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Press Release   •   Oct 08, 2010 15:46 EDT

The entrepreunership is some force which inspires people to leave behind certainity to pursue their vision through creativity and entrepreneurship? The heart of the entrepreneurship includes, imagination, creativity, novelty, and sensitivity. Thus it could be called as the spirit of entrepreneurship, a spirit that involves the ability to handle the experimental nature of entrepreunerial activity. There are certain qualities to develop a new product or service and bring it to market to envision the possible impacts.

Thus the entrepreunerial qualities are very important for a moral decision making, and an ethical approach which emphasizes imagination, creativity, and has an experimental thrust which is much better adapted to the entrepreneurial activity and much more relevant to the unique situations that entrepreneurs face. In this sense, the process approach to ethics developed in this article is a unifying framework that brings together the activity of entrepreneurship and moral decision making.

Entrepreneurship is beyond “quick money”, where no one can underplay the importance of wealth creation, job creation, market capitalization etc., But often the spirit of entrepreneurship is lost in the cacophony through some of the business plans, term sheets, sweat equity, share of equity, loans, deals with venture capitalists and angel investors etc.,

But for many reasons admitting mistakes is difficult. If you make a mistake then you will be mistaken always.The second point is that entrepreneurship is not limited to business alone. Finally today’s entrepreneurs should study and know about the early days of successful entrepreneurs .Not to study in depth but try to know about the struggles of the pioneers in their early years. Such an experienced study will teach tomorrow’s entrepreneurs many lessons.

In short the spirit of Entrepreneurship goes beyond money , prescriptive details of Venture financing and finally not limited to business alone. It is worthwhile studying the early struggles of successful entrepreneurs. It is all the money which is a the too shallow prescription for Entrepreneurship!

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