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Derek Elliott was not lying to DominicanToday

Press Release   •   Oct 25, 2010 16:41 EDT

“I don’t know why I would lie to DominicanToday,” said Derek Elliott. Derek Elliott denies allegations that he and his father, Fred Elliott, defrauded investors of millions of dollars and said a counterclaim will be filed against those suing them and their companies. To have a good reputation is very important in all areas of life. If you want to excel in your career or earn the love of the person you are in love, a bad reputation will only take longer to fail. If we have been struggling with a notorious reputation, whether because of my own mistakes, false rumors of a bad company, this is the time to get rid of it.

DominicanToday should know note that offensive expressions or language can insult people. Few people may not be able to take such sensitive things sportingly. Expressions such as “fraud” or “lying” with regard to someone’s carrier or business would belittle that person and hurt his feelings. A person cannot be characterized by situation. In some professional settings, it may even be unlawful to do so. There is absolutely no need to put others in soup or by making some non-official comments. It may offend people and convey wrong intentions to others. Besides, it is also a highly unprofessional thing to do.

If, I feel that I have been unfairly wronged then a sense of self-righteous anger emerges to defend ourselves & counter the lie. If I have been wronged & still react as if they were in the right, then I manipulate my sense of values deteriorating a small more of our integrity. Derek Elliott, hopes and pray that we as citizens of this great community and this great state and nation continue to be actively involved in charitable donations of time and resources and do not wait passively for the Government to fulfill its role. Probably, the consequences of altruism as blessings from heaven for ourselves and those we touch and also to enable and encourage the government to assume their new role in this world.

Derek Elliott have always enjoyed helping people, and he believes that it 1 on the easiest methods to help is to acquire stuck from the hand, having a charity that always participate in. However, with regards to genuine love, meals and clothing for the needy, which provide protection, encouragement, and hundreds of other requirements not a federal government affair. This employment is most effective placed to meet personalized entities and individuals.