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Dr Bronner’s Soap Canada – What’s the Hubbub About?

Press Release   •   Feb 23, 2016 02:16 EST

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap Almond Castile Bar Soap

When you hear the tale of how Dr. Bronner’s Soap came to Canada, you will be shocked, and may not even believe it. The company is unique in many different ways, from the hippie president to the ingredients in every colorful bottle. For five generations, the Bronner family has been making their own soaps. In fact, in 1858, the German-Jewish family were certified under the guild system as Master Soap Makers. In 1929, the third generation Bronner, Emanuel, brought his soaps to America, though he didn’t start selling them until 1948. Prior to that, he aimed to spread the word that we should all get along and find common ground as human beings. People were less interested in what he had to say, focusing more on the soaps, and so he began to print what he had to say on the labels. To this day, Dr. Bronner’s Soap Canada follows the old world traditions of soap making.

Available at health stores around Canada and North America, Dr bronner's soap canada comes in castile bars and liquid soaps. They are all-natural, and can be used on your face, body and hair. They are made using a blend of all-natural oils that are carefully chosen for their scent, qualities and overall feel. The current president of the company, David Bronner, took over for his grandfather. He made a single change: removing the caramel coloring and replacing it with hemp oil. He noted that it produced a much smoother lather, so if anyone saw the color change, they would at least appreciate the improvement. According to David, the soaps are so pure that you can brush your teeth with them, or even eat them, though he “wouldn’t recommend it.”

For a soap that is not only versatile, but feels great during and after, you can find Dr bronner's soap canada at Save 5% off, and contribute to numerous fantastic causes. The company has made donations world-wide to Fair Trade projects and many other causes. The company may be eccentric, but they are undeniably themselves through and through.