Dynamic Solar Tech

Dynamic Solar Tech's green hostel installation is now open for public viewings

Press release   •   Jun 07, 2011 10:31 EDT

Dynamic Solar Tech's solar photovoltaic installation at North America's greenest hostel is now open for public viewing. The installation, located at the Planet Traveler hostel in downtown Toronto, recently became operational as it was connected to the grid in order to participate in Ontario's feed-in tariff program.

Featuring 27 175W Solgate solar panels, and 27 cutting edge Enphase microinverters, the system compliments the hostel's other green initiatives, including geothermal energy, solar thermal and drain-water heat-recovery, making it the greenest hostel in North America. 

The installation is one of Dynamic Solar Tech's innovative solar solutions: a solar awning which demonstrates Dynamic Solar Tech's expertise in providing building integrated solar solutions. This awning serves a dual purpose of providing protection from the elements, whilst generating solar power. All of the seams are completely sealed.

Dynamic Solar Tech is continuing to work on innovative solar projects in Southern Ontario as it begins to enter a new phase of rapid growth and expansion.