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Emenac Call Center Services Offers Call Blending Services through Streamlined Staffing With Improved Call Agent Productivity and Customer Service

Press release   •   Jun 01, 2016 09:27 EDT

Call blending services consists of streamlined staffing that operate through perfect switching and routing of calls. Such kind of service providers specialize in simultaneously delivering the services of both inbound and outbound calls and non-voice messages. Blended call centers are usually well-equipped with features and technologies such as, automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, click to call, skill-based routing, intelligent reporting, call recording, predictive dialing and PBX configuration. Emenac Call Center Services has been fulfilling business needs by providing call blending services with complete effectiveness.

A blended agent is usually highly trained to handle both inbound and outbound calls especially on immediate basis. If one agent is busy taking inbound calls for a few hours, the same person might also be making outgoing calls in the second half of his/her shift. This pattern can also change according to the requirements and traffic level of the company or clients they’re dealing with. Brand specialists and marketing experts are assigned according to their field and educational background. They accommodate clients through inbound and outbound calls, SMS, email and social media management services.

In order to maintain a fully functioning blended call center, it is important to have a streamlined staffing system. The call center representatives are not only required to be well-trained and educated, but also need to be flexible and thick skinned. This allows them to handle all kinds of customers whether through incoming calls or outgoing calls. The increasing amount of diversification allows the agents to expand their skill set. Instead of routing calls to multiple departments, every single agent becomes expert enough to handle them without depending on other call center representatives. In case of overflow calls, a fresh new lineup of agents is always lined up as backup resulting in improved relationships and better customer support experience.

When agents are given the liberty to manage both inbound and outbound calls simultaneously, they become true problem solvers and more productive resulting in increased retention rate and improved lead generation ratio. No customer prefers waiting on hold until he/she has been connected to the desired department or agent. When the traffic for inbound calls gets low, the frequency of outgoing calls are immediately increased in order to balance out the time and cost. The infrastructure of a blended call center is designed in a way that enables multichannel calls to be handled by limited numbers of well-trained agents.

The purpose of setting up a blended call center is to be able to manage all sorts of calls with limited number of workforce and equipment and providing agents with exceptional training regarding time management, communication skills and marketing strategies. This way call centers as well as agents don’t need to specialize in providing just one type of service in fact, they get to diversify and expand their services to a greater extent making the entire customer experience much better and satisfying.

SMS, telephone calls, emails, social media, live chat and all such services are systematically managed by blended agents on shift bases or immediate basis according to the company requirements. The environment and culture of a blended call center is usually designed to be ready to take or make calls anytime, anywhere. Such call centers usually work on a 24/7 basis providing customer support services as well as sale based services at the same time. If half of the agents are busy providing aftersales services or helpdesk support, then the other half would be doing telemarketing, sale surveys and research work. Every single agent is trained to take inbound calls and make outbound calls whenever needed resulting in more polished skills and greater productivity.   

You don’t have to bear the cost of setting up a call center and hire highly trained agents anymore. Emenac Call Center Services is known for having the best infrastructure, equipment and team to suit your demands. Our inbound and outbound call center is equipped with a variety of future-ready features such as three way calling, power dialing and intelligent reporting. Besides from having a team of industrially adept agents, ECCS also happens to have all the required equipment in order to provide your clients with the best customer support services. Whether it’s technical support, promotional dialing or aftersales services, we happen to have the best facilities anyone can ever get. Our call center is known for maintaining a 90% service level making relationships stronger between you and your clients.