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Enerex Serrapeptase – Effective Reduction of Artery Blockage

Press Release   •   Jan 01, 2016 04:16 EST

Vancouver, Canada – Enerex Serrapeptase is a highly effective protein digesting enzyme supplement. Enerex Serrapeptase works by breaking down the blockages that occur in the body inhibiting its natural ability to recuperate. This enzyme supplement acts as a pipe cleaner in breaking and digesting scar tissues, arterial plaque, cysts and blood clots while relieving pain and reducing inflammation. To learn more about Enerex Serrapeptase, visit

What Causes Artery Blockage

Artery blockage occurs when substances known as plaque accumulate along the inner walls of arteries. This plaque reduces or blocks the flow of blood. Artery blockage increases the chances of a person suffering stroke, heart attack and can even lead to death. Substances that accumulate to form artery blockage include:

- Fat

- Calcium

- Fibrin

- Cellular waste

- Cholesterol

To respond to artery blockage, the cells within the artery walls tend to multiply then secrete extra substances that make the state of the clogged arteries even worse. Some of the risks associated artery blockage are high amounts of bad cholesterol, high blood pressure, cigarette smoking, and diabetes where high amounts of sugar is circulating in the body. The most common signs of artery blockage is chest pain relating to pressure and heaviness. Other signs are weakness, shortness of breath, palpitations, faster heartbeat, nausea and sweating.

The great news is that artery blockage can be treated and the pain associated to it relieved usingEnerex Serrapeptase with ease. Enerex Serrapeptase enzyme supplements are designed to dissolve artery blockages. These supplements also reduce inflammation and pain resulting for swellings or blockage. You can learn more about Enerex Serrapeptase on


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