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Enhance your Immunity with Immuno Care

Press Release   •   Feb 10, 2016 05:21 EST

Celt Immuno-Care

Vancouver, Canada – Immuno Care is a combination of plant based sterols that has an exceptional broad spectrum of antioxidants and an essential complex fatty acid. Plant sterols are found in small quantities in all plants that include legumes, seeds, vegetables and fruits. It is hard to get plant sterols from the diet today hence the need to supplement. Enzogenol, one of the components found in Immuno Care contains high levels of antioxidant mix that also have anti-inflammatory compounds that offer numerous health benefits to people. Cellasate, the other component that is used to make Immuno Care aids in nutrient absorption while increasing bioavailability. You can learn more about Immuno Care by visiting

How do you benefit from taking Immuno Care?

There are numerous benefits that Immuno Care has to offer. Being a purely plant based supplement; this product does not have any side effects and therefore poses no health risks. Here are some of the benefits that you are likely to derive from this natural supplement:

- It protects against free radicals that cause diseases like cancer

- It supports the immune system

- It reduces inflammation

- It supports digestion and enhances the body’s capability to absorb nutrients

- It supports liver functionality in ridding the body of toxins

If you are looking for a strong antioxidant or a supplement that will enhance your general health, Immuno Care is the most ideal supplement. You can find this supplement online on


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