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Enjoy candy flavors sans the sugar with SmartSweets

Press release   •   Aug 22, 2019 05:17 EDT

Oh, SmartSweets! The name brings back memories of the first candy that ticks without sugar and that too naturally. WithSmartSweets you are guaranteed of candy treats that do not have artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols. All of the ingredients made use of are non-GMO, real and never synthetic.

SmartSweets is synonymous with naturally fruit-flavored bears that are a treat to chew and are full of juice.

Much care is taken to guarantee that the equipment for producing them doesn’t process tree nuts, milk, peanuts, or wheat.

Enjoy typical candy flavors that are vegan

SmartSweets Sour Blast Buddies Single Pack features fiber of 28 grams and a flavor and texture that is almost like Sour Patch Kids candies. The amount of calories for the pack is just 80. This vegan form of typical candy flavors is a revolution.

This product is the result of a blend of remarkable vegan components that facilitates the ideal flavor and texture sans of sugar and sugar alcohols. This ideal blend makes this product safe for those with stomach sensitivities to many sugar-free candy products.

These chewy delights with sugar of just 3 grams in a pack come in Blue Raspberry, Berry, Lemon, Lime, and Orange flavors.

A tantalizing vegan fruity treat

Who would believe that SmartSweets Sweet Fish Berry Single Pack has sugar of just 3g? Its superb fruit flavor is the result of natural sweetener stevia. Those who keep off chocolates from fear of calories can be reassured with this product with just 80 calories in a pack! This low-sugar vegan candy has 76% less amount of sugar compared to more berry chewy candies. Are you keen on knowing more about this product? is the answer.

SmartSweetstook off with Tara after her love for candies became an unhealthy experience with food. She experienced how sugar affects health in a bad way. She spent months doing recipe testing in her kitchen. She was using a gummy bear mold that she got from Amazon. This event led to the first candy of SmartSweets.SmartSweets addresses a problem that is among the most extensive and most disturbing in the everyday foods that people have. It’s Sugar.

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