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Ensure Proper Functioning Of Your Body ThroughProgressive Protein

Press Release   •   Dec 01, 2015 04:33 EST

Vancouver, Canada- Many food and dietary supplements can be seen in the market these days. This particular business has taken a big leap in the past few years. The start was not that emphatic, but the business eventually gained momentum. Now, it has become multi-billion industry, with millions of people using supplements in their day-to-day lives. The number of brands has also increased in the past few years, but they haven’t been able to make any impact on the primitive ones like Progressive. The company has many loyal customers and they haven’t switched from Progressive to any other brand.

The company has also kept them attracted by launching many useful supplements from time to time. One of the most popular health supplements launched by the company isProgressive Protein. This is a harmonized vegan protein that contains the blend of five highly nutritious vegetables based proteins. This provides a wide spectrum of essential and non-essential amino acids, plus various other nutrients like vitamins, minerals, EFAs, fibre and antioxidants.This protein is quite useful for improving digestion, liver, heart and kidney function and support. It becomes a lot easier for the people digest food easily and eliminate all the toxins without any stress.Advantages of adding Progressive Protein in your daily routine

Progressive is known for making 100% safe and natural products. Their products are organic and gluten free.Progressive Proteinis no different, as it is a 100% natural product.

It helps burn excessive fat from the body.

Repairing and formation of bone speeds up with the intake of the supplement.

It supports healthy digestion.

It keeps heart safe and healthy.

Improves the function of liver and kidney.

The supplement enhances lean muscle growth.

It regulates blood sugar.

The supplement in available in three flavors, natural berry, vanilla and unflavoured.Products like Progressive Protein are available in all the major stores. For those who are looking for some discounts can log on to company offers great discounts on all the products, as they buy the products in bulk.

About is a reputed dietary supplements and health products supplier in Canada.The company has a huge assortment of products that they sell at lesser rates. Progressive Protein is one of the benchmark products that is available at the company. For more information about the best dietary supplements, kindly log on to