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Estrosense- The Smart protection from Estrogen Dominance in Women

Press release   •   Jul 06, 2016 08:21 EDT

WomenSense EstroSense

Vancouver, Canada- Hormonal imbalance is one of the usual conditions that strike women around the globe regularly. One of the known imbalances is called Estrogen Dominance. Estrogen is a hormone that controls the women’s monthly menstrual cycles. Normally, levels of estrogen as well as progesterone- another female hormone- fluctuate up and down with normal cycles. But some women have it bad- their estrogen levels simply would not go down. This leads to the imbalance known as Estrogen Dominance, which as a host of unhealthy symptoms like heavy periods, painful period cramps, excessive acne break-outs, cysts in the ovaries, endometrium and uterus, breast cysts and heightened pre-menstrual syndromes. In rare cases, the inability to conceive may also stem from estrogen dominance. These are all very uncomfortable experiences, hence a smart protection from estrogen dominance is created especially for women- Estrosense.

Where did Estrosense come from and what does it do?

Estrosense is not just your ordinary hormonal balancer supplement. Estrosense is formulated with botanical ingredients, making it an all-natural and safe supplement for everyday use. Estrosense is made from green tea, lycopene, milk thistle, rosemary and turmeric that promotes natural remedy for the symptoms of estrogen dominance. These substances promotes detoxification of the liver, thus aiding in better estrogen metabolism and lessening of deposited estrogen in the body. Another ingredient of Estrosense is broccoli extracts, which contains compounds like indole-3-carbinol, calcium-D-glucarate, and sulforaphane. These three powerful compounds are responsible for metabolism of estrogen, removes the unwanted excess estrogen and safely flushes it out of the body.

What to get from Estrosense

Estrosense simply removes the unwanted estrogen in the body through a faster metabolism to be able to flush it out of your system. Hence, an alleviation of the symptoms of estrogen dominance happens:

Regular, dysmenorrhea-free periods

Lessened cramps

Lesser acne break-outs

Lower chance of developing cysts in various reproductive internal organs

Liver detoxification

Elevated immune system response

Three capsules per intake, twice daily is sufficient enough to provide your body the beneficial effects of Estrosense. So don’t delay your recovery from hormonal imbalance. Try out Estrosense now!


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