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Estrosense will give you back your life!

Press Release   •   Sep 28, 2015 04:33 EDT

Vancouver, Canada- Finally, there is a product out there that can virtually eliminate the pain and discomfort that all woman are forced to deal with. Instead of dealing with the terrible issues of PMS and menstruation, this nutritional supplement will give you back your life and make these times virtually pain-free. Order this from and take routinely to keep symptoms at bay and then when they do begin to appear, double your dose for continual relief. estrosense is a lifesaver that will actually protect you from hormone related cancers and other serious illnesses also.

PMS is one of the cruelest conditions that most women must endure every month of their lives once they reach puberty. There are so many uncomfortable symptoms that occur about a week before menstruation:

Mood swings

Bloating from water retention

Lack of concentration

Sore and tender breasts

Migraine headaches

Cravings for food, especially chocolate

Extreme fatigue


Then once menstruation begins, PMS is alleviated but a whole new set of symptoms may appear:

Possibly heavy blood flow





Slower reaction time

All of these symptoms can be erased by using Estrosense! During these times, you can take 2 capsules at breakfast and 2 at dinnertime and your symptoms will disappear. You will have virtually no PMS symptoms and you will fly through your period like it isn’t even there. What is great about this supplement is that if you take it continually every day, you can protect yourself from hormone related illnesses like ovarian cancer, breast cancer, fibroids, cysts, and endometriosis, just to name a few. In this case, take 2 capsules daily with breakfast.


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