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Euflexxa Provides Answers to Osteoarthritis

Press Release   •   Feb 22, 2011 04:59 EST

Osteoarthritis is the most widespread chronic joint pain and is incurable. The treatment asserted for this problem provides a temporary relief as there is no effectual cure for it.

According to the latest studies, if the disease is diagnosed at initial stage then knee osteoarthritis can be cured. A patient suffering from constant pain for more than one or two days must rush for medical assistance. There are many pain relievers like injections, oral medications, etc to help.

Euflexxa is the best orthopedic injection for treating severe knee osteoarthritis. This injection is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Association (FDA). It is quite effective in improving the pain and helps the patients who have failed to obtain any relief from other forms of medication and physical exercises. The injection is easily available from the neighborhood drug stores or online pharmacy stores. The patient can avail cheaper price from online stores when compared with injections sold out at neighborhood drug stores.

This effective orthopedic injection comprises of pure hyaluronic acid designed for treating knee osteoarthritis. This acid is similar to synovial fluid which is naturally present in the knee joints. The fluid lubricates the joints to enable the cartilages to slide upon each other freely. It acts as a shock absorber. The extreme pain and restricted mobility is a result of synovial liquid in the joints turning thinner.

To avoid extremes in such situations, Euflexxa injection is directly injected into the affected knee joints under the surveillance of medical practitioner. This helps the patients to offer long lasting relief from pain and restore the normal working of joints.

The hyaluronic acid in orthopedic injection works similar to the natural substance that encloses synovial fluid. It revitalizes the capability of fluid to protect the knee joint. This injection is free from animal products and results in no risk of communicating diseases. The viscosupplementation is referred to as treatment with Euflexxa. Under this, the osteoarthritis patient is advised for three orthopedic injections for every consecutive 3 weeks time.

For undergoing this treatment, no pre-examination of the patient is required and result of this injection is instantaneous. The patient must be cautious about certain side effects like swelling, rashes, pain and bruising at the injection site.


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