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Evolutionary Processes in Genuine Health Protein

Press Release   •   Feb 22, 2016 07:58 EST

Genuine Health whey proteins+ natural chocolate peanut butter

Genuine Health Protein has worked to perfect the fermentation process they use to provide a complete, balanced and healthy buy protein online Canada. Armed with microbiologists, each batch is produced with a process that blends tradition and modern technology to result in the highest quality formula to provide proteins from plant-based sources, including organic hemp, alfafa, mung bean sprouts, spirulina, quinoa sprouts, yellow pea kernel, and brown rice seed protein. These start off with high protein levels, however with the fermentation process used for Genuine Health Protein takes it even further.

Probiotics and Proteins

Genuine Health Protein has a blend of probiotics that contain friendly bacteria commonly found in the human gut. These are all-natural, and dairy-free. The probiotics allow the protein blend to ferment under the watch of the microbiologist team, who controls every aspect of the environment. Upon detection of any contaminant, the process is brought to a speedy halt.

Modern technology plays a massive role in the fermentation process used by Genuine Health. They remove the naturally occurring non-nutrients, which serve the role of locking in the nutrition and defend against predator ingestion. The team uses technology to identify when these ingredients become inactive, and has reached peak nutritional value. Once they identify this moment, fermentation is stopped and the protein supplement is dried to powder.

Genuine Health Protein powder is tested thoroughly for contamination, toxins, organisms, quality, and more. All microorganisms used to produce the protein supplement are certified non-GMO, vegan-friendly saccharomyces and lactobacilli. You can choose from unflavored, natural vanilla, double chocolate chip, and peanut butter chocolate. Consumers love the smooth tasting nutritional blend of high protein, high nutritional value and easy digestion offered by Genuine Health Protein.

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