Experience Intellectual Benefits and Learn How to Play Chess with IchessU

Press Release   •   Oct 20, 2016 03:39 EDT

Toronto, OntarioSpend more time learning chess with IchessU than simply moving around the chess pieces. Attend the online chess classes and learn how to set and analyze the position of your chess pieces.

Chess is a volatile game, for you never know when the chances of winning the game are high and when low. At times a skilled player is able to perform elementary checkmate even with a short time span of ten seconds. IchessU a well-known International Chess University that offers online chess lessons and tutorials for enhancing your intellectual chess skills.

Playing and learning chess game has become hugely popular nowadays, for is helps you master the art of taking quick decisions after considering various heterogeneous aspects. With the zeal and the sheer pressure to complete a task perfectly with a very short span of time, chess is one such game that helps you to achieve this challenge. IchessU is one of the best online portal that has carefully designed the chess learning classes. With each class the players will be able to enhance their intellectual skills. The different aspects that these classes cover are the intuition, judgement and pattern recognition skills of a player.

IchessU divides the game into three phases: the opening, the middle game and the endgame. This enhances your intellectual levels and with regular practise, you are able try different strategies and tactical patterns. It does not matter if you are a child or an adult, IchessU leaves no stone unturned to fit a program precisely as per your needs. They use unique technology developed primarily for students to learn how to play chess and to experience its intellectual benefits. They offer proper guidance to the players with their practical strategies and provide information on every factor that a player needs to be aware of, in the game.

So, if you are looking for intellectual benefits visit IchessU today. You can master the game of chess at the comfort of your home and have a reason to feel proud of.

IchessU is world’s largest online chess school. They provide affordable chess lessons and coaches who help and make your chess learning fun and interactive. The primary goal of IchessU is to develop creative thinking, intuition, sharpen memory, and most importantly, the ability to analyze and to make tough decisions by solving problems flexibly.