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FloraBaby – Immunity Boost for Infants and Toddlers

Press Release   •   Jan 01, 2016 06:00 EST

Vancouver, Canada – Flora Baby is a highly potent probiotic formula that offers infants and toddlers and immunity boost. This formula works by providing extra probiotic bacteria to infants and toddlers in order to strengthen their immune and digestive systems. This formula contains probiotic 14 strains of friendly bacteria that infants and toddlers need to fight diseases. To learn more about the infants and toddlers probiotic formula, please visit

What Causes Poor Immunity in Infants

While in the womb, infants are fully protected from bacteria and other disease causing pathogens. They also do not have the probiotic or good bacteria that boost immunity. Their first contact with good bacteria is along the birth canal. However, not all infants are born naturally and those that are born through C-section do not get any good bacteria into their system. Infants that don’t get to breastfeed miss out on these bacteria and are highly susceptible to infection.

As the infants grow to become toddlers, their main source of immunity becomes the food they eat. To boost immunity, toddlers need to take:

- Progressive VegeGreens that contain vitamins

- Progressive proteins

- Essential minerals and fatty acids.

Lack of proper nutrients can weaken the immunity of infants and toddlers and make them susceptible to diseases like flu, digestion problems, colds and other illnesses that can be serious. However, things do not have to go that way. You can use FloraBaby formula to boost the immunity of your infant or toddler. You can visit to learn more about this probiotic formula.


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