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Gastro Relief: The New Solution to Heartburn Problems

Press Release   •   May 24, 2016 05:53 EDT

Renew Life HeartburnSTOP

Vancouver, Canada: Heartburn. How much do we hate this? Imagine feeling a pang of pain in your chest when all you need is to operate at the maximum level to handle your job effectively, especially when your boss is breathing down your neck to beat the deadline of the job assigned to you. Your speed of operation drops and anxiety takes over. When will this stop? How will I beat the deadline? Turn to Gastro Relief for immediate relieve from heartburn with Renew life heartburn stop.

What is gastro relief?

This is a natural formula that is produced to handle the issue of heartburn and all the unpleasant damages it causes in the body. It is a special drug meant to handle different cases of heartburn. It also has the ability to prevent H.pylori infections. It contains some compounds which make it work effectively and which provide fast relief from symptoms of heartburn while assisting the tissues in the body to heal.

Functions of its components

1. Mastic gum: This fights against H. pylori, the bacterium that is responsible for majority of heartburn cases and all issues related to stomach problems.

2. Vitamin C: This increases the acidity of the stomach. This is important as most gastric problems are associated with a lack of stomach acid to fight infections.

3. Ginger is responsible for calming the stomach in case of stomach upset.

Zinc-carnosine together with nitric oxide helps the recuperation of the cells stomach lining.

Sodium alginate: It prevents gastric contents from going back to the esophagus. This prevents the esophagus from damage from excess acid.

How does it work?

1. It relieves the symptoms of heartburn while equally addressing its possible causes.

2. It also heals the walls of the stomach, protects the esophagus and gets rid of H. pylori, the agent responsible heartburn.

3. It provides fast-acting relief of heartburn.

Considering the functions of the components of this product, you can be rest assured that your health is put in good hands. Why don’t you get this product today for fast relieve when heartburn comes calling.

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