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Get Relief from Pains, Burns, Arthritis, Stroke and Many Other Ailments with DMSO

Press Release   •   May 11, 2016 07:21 EDT

Life Choice DMSO Liquid

DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide) is an organic compound of sulphur that is extremely useful as a pain reliever and in treating a host of diseases including stroke, arthritis, burns, acne, head injury and several others. The chemical substance — a by-product of kraft pulping — was isolated in 1866 by a Russian scientist named Alexander Saytzeff. But its uses in Medicine were discovered later in 1963 by a group of scientists led by S.W. Jacob.

DMSO is produced through Kraft pulping, which is a process for converting wood into wood pulp, with the residues consisting of virtually pure cellulose fibers. This health product is the byproduct of this process.

DMSO is crystalline in nature; it does not contain toxins; it has no odor and tastes like garlic. It is safe to use and can treat more than 300 diseases.

The organic compound of sulphur distributes the indispensable mineral (sulphur) making it available for all animals and plants. Compounds of sulphur are present in all cells of the body and are extremely important for life: They are necessary for lots of chemical reactions which are part of the detoxification process of drugs and other lethal toxins.

Furthermore, they have possible applications in clinics for treating a range of medical problems including fibromyalgia, arthritis, depression, interstitial cystitis, diabetes, cancer, athletic injuries, AIDS and congestive heart failure as well.

Key Reasons Why You Need DMSO

Although the versatile DMSO has so many uses, time and space will not permit all of them to be mentioned here. The health product is highly beneficial in treating a number of conditions:

It is a potent analgesic (pain killer) because it obstructs fibers of nerve conduction producing pains.

It is anti-inflammatory.

It is, arguably, the most powerful scavengers of free radicals ever discovered by man.



Infections (such as herpes).


Mental problems.

Eye problems — just to mention a few.

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