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Get Rid of High Cholesterol Levels with the Help of Red Yeast Rice

Press Release   •   Jan 08, 2016 01:24 EST

Inno-Vite Red Yeast Rice

Vancouver, Canada: The world is filled with all kinds of natural ingredients that have the power to eliminate any health problem that ills human beings. It is just a matter of finding such ingredients and using them correctly. Red yeast rice (RYR), which is used for medicinal purposes, is made from yeast named Monascuspurpureus that grows on the rice. This particular rice has shown effectiveness in reducing cholesterol levels, but people need to take it properly.

This particular rice is consumed in many Asian countries daily. People living in Canada can’t have this rice on a daily basis, but they can consume the supplements made from the extracts of Red yeast rice Canada. There are many brands that make supplements using RYR extracts, people just need to find these brands and choose the product, which would resolve their cholesterol issues once and for all.

How does Red Yeast Rice help Reduce Cholesterol?

There are certain compounds named manacolins that are present in RYR, which is effective in reducing cholesterol levels. A series of research has shown RYR has successfully brought down bad cholesterol. On top of it, Red yeast rice Canada is totally safe and so is the supplement made from it.

The quantity of RYR extract is the only thing that people should check into, as high volume of RYR extract may cause some side effects. In order to be sure about this, it is better to buy the product from a reputable company like This particular store has an abundance of health and dietary supplements in its inventory. People can go through the company's website and choose the product of their choice.


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