Horse Tale

Press Release   •   Dec 02, 2013 11:16 EST

A trained stage performer with 30+ years of experience, an on-camera talent for the past decade and a voice-over artist for the past seven years, Tim Hill does all the things actors are told to do: he keeps his marketing materials current, reads trade boards and industry blogs, and attends industry events like the recent Voice 2012 Conference. Tim’s philosophy is to treat every audition and booking as a creative challenge, no matter how mundane the subject matter may seem. “Some jobs are thrilling from the time you get the breakdown, like auditioning for or working on a movie or TV show, or a well-conceived commercial,” says Hill. But one of his most interesting experiences came when he was cast has the on-camera and voice-over host for an equine health industrial video.

“The audition was a fair drive away from my house, and I almost passed on going,” Hill recounts. “It was a pleasant surprise to get the job. I thought I was just going to be spending my time on set talking about intestinal parasites. Maybe they would pair me with a tired old nag. Boy, was I wrong!”

When he arrived on set he was led to beautiful stables, “nicer than some apartments I’ve lived in.” All of the animals were fine specimens. It was only after one particularly stunning and spirited fellow had completed his scene that Tim was told that he had just been working with 1996 Kentucky Derby winner Grindstone, now retired to stud outside Newberg, Oregon. “That horse definitely knew he was the baddest dude on set that day!” laughs Hill. “I’m just glad he put up with the likes of me long enough to get the shots we needed.”

The shoot lasted three days, with two additional days of VO sessions. “It was great to have a terrific memory to add to my ‘life reel!’ And to think, I almost didn’t go to the audition!” Hill continues: “If I ever needed a reminder to embrace every opportunity that comes along for the possibilities it might hold, that job was it!”

Hill’s advice for other voice talent who are taking on highly technical industrial project or a medical training pieces? “Embrace the challenge and make the most of it. You never know when you might wind up with a horse tale of your own to tell!”

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About Tim Hill

Tim Hill is a west coast-based “cross-over” talent, with a primary focus on voice over. His professional résumé includes stage performances in over 60 plays, appearances in numerous regional and national television commercials, and featured roles on the television series Leverage (TNT), History Detectives (PBS), and Grimm (NBC/Universal). As a voice over artist, Tim has booked work in regional commercials and in various industrials for domestic and international clients.

To learn more about Tim Hill, please visit www.tim-hill.com