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How Flexible are Your Joints?

Press Release   •   Dec 29, 2015 01:32 EST

Naka Nutri Flex joint care is a liquid designed to support joint health. Its fast acting and clinically proven to improve joint health and reduce pain and inflammation. Being a liquid Nutri Flex is easy to swallow and readily absorbed. It has a lemon flavor and is great for people who have problems swallowing pills.

Naka Nutri Flex highlights are: natural joint pain, reduce inflammation, slow degeneration, helps strengthen and rebuild cartilage. It only takes 1 tablespoon a day to get all the relief you need. It contains no dairy, starch, wheat or yeast. What it does contain is Glucosamine Sulfate, Hydrolyzed Gelatin, MSM, Turmeric Extract, Devil's Claw Extract, Bromelain Extract, all in a base of fruit juice complex sweetened with Stevia and water. It contains potassium sorbate to preserve freshness.

If you suffer from arthritis and joint pain, inflammation, back, hand, knee or neck pain or sports injuries? Naka Nutri Flex may hold the answer to relief for you by combining glucosamine sulfate, MethylSulfonylMethane (MSM), and herbal ingredients of devil's claw, turmeric and bromelain to promote relief, allowing you to live life actively and enjoy it.

Naka Nutri Flex like all Naka products is formulated with all natural ingredients. Founded in 1991, Naka’s success has been built upon providing innovative supplements in liquid or easy-to-swallow capsule forms designed for consumers worldwide to meet their better health needs. Naka is proud to be an exclusive distributor of Germany’s Anton Hübner herbal product lines that are renowned for their Silicea Gel, Milk Thistle (Mariendistel), IronVital F and other high-quality natural herbal supplements.

With Naka Nutri Flex you can expect relief and joint support from one tablespoon daily of this liquid supplement at a reasonable price that won’t break bank. So if you are tired of sitting on the side lines, pain, and want to get back in the game of life taking walks with your family and friends, playing a pickup game of ball then do yourself a favor and get some Naka Nutri Flex liquid to stop the pain and restore joint support.

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