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How Now Lecithin Granules Non-GMO Can support your Brain

Press Release   •   Nov 30, 2016 01:55 EST

NOW Lecithin Granules non-GMO

Vancouver, Canada: Many of us are aware of the primary constituents of our body like calcium, vitamins, proteins etc and their role in shaping our body. But I am very certain that very few of us might have heard the term lecithin and even fewer would be aware of its benefits to our body. Lecithin generally is extracted from the yoke of an egg. Human brain is almost 30% made up of lecithin. It has several benefits to our body such as it helps in the reduction of LDL (bad cholesterol) and also helps in reduction of triglycerides from our body thereby keeping heart related diseases at bay.

Lecithin is also found in ample numbers inside the cells of plants and animals. It also plays a very vital role in energy production, breathing and neural transmissions across the body. There are several substances in the brain that acts as a protective sheath (metal like) and protects the brain, spine and other surrounding parts from injuries, shocks etc. all these substances are made up of lecithin.

Although there a few natural sources of lecithin like plants and animal flesh but since very few people are actually aware of the benefits of lecithin, so very few people may try and use these beneficial sources in their daily diet. Hence Now Lecithin Granules Non-GMO is available today in the markets as a natural supplement of lecithin. This product’s popularity is way higher than any other of its competitor in the market today.

Benefits of using Now Lecithin Granules Non-GMO:

Now Lecithin Granules Non-GMOis 100% vegan product made from all natural and organic ingredients especially from plant sources.

Now Lecithin Granules Non-GMOis totally free from chemical preservatives, artificial sugars/regulators.

Now Lecithin Granules Non-GMOprovides an excellent support system for brain and neural transmitters thereby making them even more active and stronger.

This product is one of the primary constituent that is used for the production of energy in our body.

Directions of use: It is advised to take 5.5 table spoon of Now Lecithin Granules Non-GMO everyday along with the meals.

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