IchessU offers Simple Ways to Make Chess Learning Fun At Home with Online Chess Tutors

Press Release   •   Oct 20, 2016 03:43 EDT

Toronto, OntarioIChessU, the world’s largest online chess school that makes chess learning fun. Their LIVE chess coaching classes help chess enthusiasts to learn chess at home, and simply master the interesting board game.

It is a known fact that playing chess game improves the ability to learn and enhances your cognitive thinking.Thus, when this game is learnt under a proper guidance and training, it helps exercise your brain the best. Playing chess on a regular basis has proved to enhance your analytical skills besides improving your perception, concentration, spatial intelligence and visual memory.

Mastering this game thus have many convincing reasons, and IChessU makes it convenient. They provide simple ways to learn this game at home and have fun. Their online chess tutors at IChessU cater to every age group and skill level. To make is easy for learners they provide private lessons and virtual classroom lessons that can be shared with more number of students. You can attend this classes regardless of your geographic location. IChessU leaves no stone unturned to provide proper training to inculcate the best learning experience using simple ways to make chess learning fun at home. The online tutors offered by IChessU are affordable, and boost individuals according to his or her potential by analysing their skills and style. They make sure that you learn fast, thus teaches you from the beginner’s level and gradually proceeds.

IChessU is a well-known online chess school offering lessons and tutors to improve chess playing strength. They also provide inexpensive affordable lessons at the comfort of your home. IChessU chess learning software is designed using modern innovative techniques and is suitable for players of all level and age.

So, learn chess with online chess tutors and make chess learning fun with improved strategy skills, visit their website today.

IchessU is world’s largest online chess school. They provide affordable chess lessons and coaches who help and make your chess learning fun and interactive. The primary goal of IchessU is to develop creative thinking, intuition, sharpen memory, and most importantly, the ability to analyze and to make tough decisions by solving problems flexibly.