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Income Tax: In Quest of Rebate from Income Tax

Press Release   •   Nov 11, 2011 02:07 EST

Governments of all countries collect different kinds of taxes from the citizens. Citizens are legally bound to pay the tax. The finance thus collected is used by the government for administrative and other purposes. Income tax is based on the income of the people, income that they have made during the last financial year. A section of the people, who earns considerably less, is not asked to submit income tax return. The remaining ones are to submit the income tax return within a scheduled date of every calendar year positively.

Most of the people are not careful about managing finance and also about preserving the documents of payments and receipts, but those documents are very important in assessing the extent of their income tax and income tax rebates of any kind. Just before the date of submission of the income tax return, many of them are found to be worried and restless. In every city, a beeline at the office of the income tax professionals is noticed during this period. Income tax professionals are actually income tax consultants who help the people in preparing and submitting the income tax return. They collect the required papers or documents of receipts and payments from the individuals and study the entire lot. They are expert in income tax and they can tell how much relief is available towards income tax for the respective individuals.

One can have fair amount of relief towards the income tax if one bears in mind the following things:

1. Individuals must take care of keeping the vouchers or papers or documents regarding their financial transactions of all kinds from the start of every financial year. Assessment of income tax is made on their annual income of the last year, but, on the basis of the said transactions, rebate towards the income tax is calculated.
2. People, sometimes, donate for good works. Donations of certain kinds are exempted from the income tax.
3. People are to clear the tuition fees for their daughters and sons when the little ones go to education centers (school, college, varsity etc). A part of the tuition fees are also exempted from the income tax.
4. There are families in which both wife and husband are earning members. It is good for them to submit the income tax return jointly. They will sure to get some relief towards income tax in this case. The documents they would submit must have signature both of the wife and husband.
5. People should remember that they can secure income tax relief if they have purchased policies of dental insurance or medical insurance. They must submit documents of premiums paid during the last financial year along with the income tax return papers.
6. Finally, individuals must check, more than once, to confirm that all relevant documents have been properly submitted while submitting the income tax return.

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