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Innovative Odor Solutions for Fresh Air Almost Anywhere

Press Release   •   Aug 22, 2012 11:49 EDT

If you are a regular smoker, pet lover, or today’s answer for Julia Child, chances are when guests enter into your home, your cheerful greeting is not the only thing that meets them at the door. Conversely, you may be the one assaulted by the over enthusiastic application of perfume by the person sitting across from you at the restaurant or movie theater. Perhaps odor sensitivity, asthma, or allergies make every day situations very difficult, or you are simply aggravated by the regular household culprits like the half full garbage can or kitty litter box. Even in the office where smoking or fragrances are often not permitted, it’s not always enough to keep out the stale cigarette odors after a co-worker’s smoke break, or the “non-fragrance” fragrant beauty products most are guilty of wearing.

Do not despair; there are a myriad of solutions available for almost every odor situation you face, that will usually possess air cleaning benefits as well. From your fridge to your workplace to your hotel room, there are things you can do to target each specific need.

The most basic solution is an activated charcoal filter that goes directly into your furnace, air cleaner or even whole house HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) system. Activated charcoal has been treated with oxygen, opening up millions of microscopic pores, making it the most absorbent filter for odor causing contaminants and gases. By forming a chemical bond with these pollutants, it traps and prevents them from being released back into the air. These are available in 1, 2, 4, and 5 inch filters, or as a specified part for a particular HEPA system. They effectively tackle odors arising from cigarette smoke, cooking, bathrooms, and chemical fragrances, to name a few, and are very effective in the home, but also great for business and medical offices, beauty salons, restaurants, schools, and shopping malls, or anywhere superior odor control is needed.

Other cut to size activated charcoal media is available for a variety of uses. For instance, most cat boxes come with an allocated slot for an odor eliminating filter, for which charcoal is ideal. Cut a piece to sit at the bottom of the garbage can in your kitchen or garage. Keep one in the diaper bin, where odor killing power is particularly important. Managing odor problems will also free up more time in between cleanings, so you can focus on more enjoyable or pressing activities.

Another solution to unpleasant odors is a range of portable air purifying and freshening units that are available. These often utilize carbon and/or negative ions, along with other technologies, to freshen, clean, and remove odors from the air. Negative ions work by attaching to positively charged pollutant particles, making them too heavy to remain airborne. Therefore, they fall from the air, resulting in a fresher smelling, cleaner breathing environment. In addition, the presence of negative ions has been proven in numerous studies to be beneficial to both physical and mental health.

Some specific uses would include a counter-top or plug-in ionic air purifier for your kitchen, bathroom, or mudroom. An ionic refrigerator air purifier that generates active oxygen is designed, not only to handle unpleasant odors in your fridge, but it also neutralizes the capacity for viruses and bacteria to multiply, and helps maintain food’s freshness for a significantly longer period.

There are also multi-technology air filtration units available that are particularly effective at reducing odor and improving air quality in musty basement spaces. Reasonably priced floor model air purifiers with activated carbon, negative ions, a HEPA filter, sanitizing properties, and more can purify and deodorize the air in a very small to quite large room or area. These come in a range of different designs to target air pollutant and odor problems specific to each household.

Also, an aroma therapeutic, ionic shower head, with negative ions and vitamin C, can turn a mundane daily ritual into a luxurious and refreshing spa experience. A good one should be able to remove 98% of chlorine from the water, providing a much more pleasant breathing experience in the shower.

Another concern is the air on our roadways, often among the most polluted, which we encounter on a daily basis. Common car deodorizers are no match for odorous pollutants from auto emissions, cigarette smoke, old food containers, dampness, and a general lack of sufficient ventilation. An ionic vehicle air purifier cleanses the air in automobiles, trucks, and RVs, neutralizing odors and freshening the air inside the vehicle. It also contributes to a less stressful commute and helps to eradicate driving fatigue.

But you don’t have to leave the fresh air behind when venturing into public places where you frequent, but feel you have no control over air quality. There are a number of items specifically created with this in mind. An ionic personal air purifier, to begin, which is lightweight and worn around the neck, can go anywhere you go. It delivers ion-rich air directly to the mouth and nose, making fresher air available in confined, crowded spaces, such as a plane or bus, and helps protect against allergens and bacteria. This is especially helpful for those with smell sensitivities, and can also be helpful when visiting a shopping mall, restaurant, or even at a dinner party where you expect to confront a mix of competing fragrances and food odors.

Finally, perhaps the place in which we are most in need of control over our breathing environment is a hotel room, especially if we plan to stay for an extended period of time. Even here there are several options for ensuring unpleasant and contaminated air does not detract from the fun and relaxation. Plug-in ionic air purifiers, which are compact and easily fit into a suitcase or handbag, are ideal for smaller hotel rooms. Some have the added feature of a long life LED night light to aid with any disorientation resulting from waking in an unfamiliar place, and have silent operation to not disturb sleep. For a larger suite, a table top ionic air purifier takes up a little more room in the luggage, but offers a greater area of air cleaning, deodorizing capabilities.

It is a refreshing discovery to learn we do have control over the quality of air we breathe, thus contributing to the quality of life we lead. Foul smelling, and sometimes toxic, air doesn’t have to have the last word. Ask yourself what air quality issues you most need to attend to. And then discern which of the above solutions would best address each problem. That is the first step toward taking back power over your own breathing environment.

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