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It’s Time Advance Your Children’s Health Today

Press Release   •   Feb 23, 2016 05:10 EST

Renew Life FloraBEAR

If you are looking to provide a better way to enable your children take supplements (which you should), then you should be looking no further than Florababy. This flavorless powder consists of a blend of good bacteria, also known as probiotics. This bacteria has been formulated for the colon and intestinal tract of young children. So what makes this powder a unique enhancer for supplements intake for children? Well the good thing about it is that it can be mixed with any drinks, whether warm or cold.

What is contained in Flora Baby?

This powder consists of 5 strains of healthy bacteria blended together. These probiotics (life – supporting bacteria) are usually found in children. They include: Bifidobacterumbifidum, Bifidobacteriumbreve, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacteriumlongum and Bifidobacteriuminfantis. With these combination of probiotics, a balanced micro bacterial environment is maintained in children’s intestinal tract. They do this by enhancing gastrointestinal functions, improving allergy and respiratory responses, as well as preventing the negatives of antibiotics use.

Why you should get this powder for your children

Even though infants usually get their first healthy bacteria during birth, an external supply of more probiotics by use of Flora Baby makes sure digestion is optimized.

Flora Baby also boosts the immune system of infants and toddlers by improving their respiratory response and the ability to absorb nutrients by their intestines.

Another benefit of supplementing your children’s drinks with Flora Baby is because it controls harmful bacteria and fungi from overgrowing.

Vitamins are essential for optimum health levels of the body and this powder comes with gluten free natural vitamins too.

Your child’s health comes first

Just like most natural products, Flora Baby is available for purchase at online stores too. If you are looking for a reliable supplier in North America for this wonderful product, then is your perfect call. They offer amazing shipping deals and low discounts.