IUD Birth Controls: Advantages and Disadvantages

Press Release   •   Jul 31, 2012 05:00 EDT

IUD birth controls refer to the method of birth control with the use of some intrauterine devices. IUD devices are small in size and they have been given with the shape similar to ‘T’. The devices have single filament tail. IUD devices have been popular among the women all over the world who, for reasons of their own, want to have sex, but without the risk of becoming pregnant.

The ‘T’ shaped device is inserted into the uterus of a woman. Arms of the device are folded down when it is inserted and are opened out to position just on the cervix. Arms of the device are stretched at horizontal state across the uterus. The single filament string of the IUD can be seen and the user will be convinced that the IUD has been rightly placed in the uterus.

Two kinds of IUD birth controls are available: 1) IUD (Mirena) which releases progesterone and 2) IUD (Paragard) which releases copper. The released hormone progesterone or copper work against fertilization of eggs. The IUD birth control device of this kind ensures the women that they can go for having sex and that they will not get pregnant at least for five years.

It is better for the woman willing to go for intrauterine device should know a little about advantages and disadvantages of this device, before they start to use the same. Who else a responsible gynecologist can provide them necessary information about this?

Advantages of IUD birth control:

Other means of birth control have numbers of shortcomings one of which relates to counting of days when birth control pills are taken. There is every possibility to forget or miss the exact program. Users of IUD do not experience anxiety of this sort. Women who use IUD do not have to depend on their memory. IUD, whether it a copper- T, or a hormone IUD, is easily available and can be get inserted into the uterus by any expert gynecologist at any time.Users are not be worried at regular frequencies. The IUD can be used for at least five years without any tension.A hormone-sensitive woman can go for Copper-T device happily and comfortably.

Disadvantages of IUD birth control:

To the women who have never given birth to a child, the IUD is really pain-stacking. This is why advices of an experienced gynecologist are very important. An expert physician should take the task of inserting the device into the uterus of the woman. By this way, one may feel less pain and even little pain.The year following the first time use of the IUD will be a year of problem for the women, because they will have profuse period resulting into loss of iron, calcium etc. To counter this, the users should take calcium, vitamin and iron substitutes on regular basis.For some women, there will be month-long cramp. They must be prepared to withstand this cramp, but this will disappear slowly with passage of days.

Danny Daron writes articles for AMA Meds, a duly licensed pharmacy in the province of British Columbia, Canada.