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Press Release   •   Nov 30, 2011 08:43 EST

 British Columbia: JA3D, Jewellery Artists 3D, is a family owned custom jewellery design company operated by a husband and wife team, David and Jennifer. The company was established in 1960 and is currently located in Vancouver. JA3D uses state of the art 3D technology, to ensure that their clients are completely satisfied with their piece, prior to its manufacture.

JA3D features custom consultation facilities, a retail showroom and a fully equipped workshop. Each piece of jewellery that is created is made under the expert supervision of the team. The advantage of having the workshop onsite is that David and Jennifer are able to ensure that the client get the exact results that they want in their jewellery piece.

JA3D is different from other custom designers in the fact that they use state of the art technology which allows their clients to see their custom designed piece prior to its manufacturer. With the innovative technology, clients of JA3D can view realistic images of the piece accessing to look from every angle, and can view a model, as well. This ensures that their clients are happy with the piece prior to its manufacture and that they will not end up with a piece that they are unhappy with.

JA3D has been recognized with significant award in the jewellery industry, peers in the industry and the public for excellence in custom jewellery, which include:

  • Georgia Straight's "best of Vancouver"
  • Iron Chefs Award at the 2011 Chicago Design Symposium
  • A 98% mark from the Platinum Guild International for their knowledge, use and handling of the precious metal in the design and fabrication of custom jewellery.
  • Top 50 Most Innovative Jewellery Store in North America.

    JA3D jewellery services include custom designed engagement rings that balance perfectly with the clients wishes and sparkle, are perfectly proportioned, comfortably fit and elegant in fell. Wedding rings that complement the special engagement rings. Coloured Gem Jewellery that includes a rainbow of brilliant colours. Restoring and Restyling both inherited old to spectacular new, JA3D restores, restyles and transforms family heirlooms into contemporary works of jewellery ar. Appraisals that help you to protect your jewellery investment and ensure that you have the proper amount of insurance coverage.

    JA3D is a custom design company that has years of experiencing is designing specific pieces as per their customers' requests. The company has won outstanding awards in the industry and provcrafts the dreams of their customers into sparkling reality that combines compassionate attention to the wishes of their customer with technology, artistry, and contemporary design. The company is recognized for their creative design, workmanship, razzle and dazzle.

    JA3D guarantees their collective services. The company prides itself on integrity, honesty and mutual respect. JA3D is a custom design jeweller that has outstanding values and exquisite pieces of jeweller that do razzle and dazzle.

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