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Press Release   •   Jan 10, 2018 07:47 EST

Toronto, Ontario: IChessU, the world’s largest online chess school presents the benefits of joining online classes for all chess aspirants. Their innovative LIVE coaching classes help chess enthusiasts to learn chess at home and master this interesting board game.

Chess is a game that captivates many people. More and more fans are getting addicted to the inspiring techniques one employs in it. The basic point of learning chess is that no one can learn it by simply looking at a set of instructions. You need to have a good tutor to teach you the basics of chess. Hence, learning this game from an online school comes aided with many advantages.

IChessU has a team of excellent tutors who make your learning easier in virtual learning class. Another major advantage of joining IChessU is that you can learn chess according to your time availability and without getting out of your home to do so.

Online chess schools offer tutoring sessions at comparatively lower rate and you have the option of learning it in a group or as a private student. Joining an online chess school to learn the game of chess comes with many benefits and is gaining much popularity because of the advantages it offers.

About the Company –

The international chess school has coaches, trainers and tutors that have received number of accolades for their exceptional performance in the chess game. Chess masters, mentors and grandmasters help students learn how to play chess. IChessU produces dramatic results by using proven educational processes. Download chess learning platform on their portal and get started today.

IChessU is one of the best online chess schools to learn and play chess. Our highly professionals and experienced chess tutors offer an excellent way to know more about the chess game in details and help you to use your own strategies in a best way.