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Press Release   •   Feb 29, 2016 03:36 EST

Renew Life Simply Trim

If you are constantly in search for something to enhance your weight loss program that can make you see results quick, then you have come to the right place. The renew life dietstart is a two week 2-part kit which contains some, if not all the best natural ingredients a weight loss program should have. It contains Svetol, an antioxidant that is extracted from green coffee beans. This extract uniquely enhances metabolism of stored fats in the body by delaying the direct absorption of food glucose. Because the body needs a source of energy, it will instead resort to release the stored fat to be broken down, hence weight loss is achieved.

Since it is free from gluten and artificial ingredients, you will not experience jitters, nausea or increased heart rate when using this product and that is exactly what makes it stand out from the other similar products in its class.

How do you use it for the best experience?

For your morning and evening meals, take 1 capsule of this dietstart 1.

Every 3 hours after meals, take one capsule of dietstart 2 every evening on an empty stomach.

Benefits of the dietstart kit

It is free from artificial ingredients and gluten.

Because it is just a 14-day program, it is relatively easy to implement.

It helps in getting rid of toxic wastes from the body.

Increases your lean body mass.

Enhances the use of stored fats instead of food for energy.

Precautions and exceptions

It is advisable to first consult a physician before using this product in case you are pregnant, diabetic, or nursing after a delivering. If you are also under medication, it is advisable to consult a physician before taking it.

Renew Life Diet Start is not for prolonged use, and should be kept out of reach of children. is renowned for its amazing discounts and shipping deals both in North America and worldwide. Visit this online supplement store in Canada today and kick start your weight loss program the natural way. It’s going to be fun!