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Know About the Immense Function of Natural Factors Vitamin A

Press Release   •   Oct 24, 2016 08:55 EDT

Natural Factors Vitamin A 10,000 IU

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is needed for the proper functioning of the immune system and also for several vital body functions. Vitamin A contains retinol, retinoic, retinal acid, and many provitamin A carotenoids. Vitamin A is needed for the proper growth of the bones, healthy skin, for normal vision, for protecting the mucous membranes of the respiratory and digestive system; and so on. A deficiency of vitamin A can lead to disturbances in the vision and other health problems. In case, you don’t get a proper amount of this vitamin from your diet you can try out the Natural Factors Vitamin A supplements.

Forms of Vitamin A

Vitamin A can be found in two forms: active vitamin A and beta carotene. You can get the former type from animal-derived foods and is known as retinol; whereas the latter type of vitamin A can be easily obtained from the fruits and vegetables which get converted to retinol after the body digests the food.

Role of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is available in the form of dietary supplements and helps in fighting free radical damage. Having powerful anti-oxidant property it can help in slowing down the signs of aging. Vitamin A can be also obtained from cod liver oil. It goes through a process known as advanced molecular distillation so that the oil remains protected during the processing.

Studies have shown that Vitamin A can help in treating many health conditions like cancer, HIV, cataract, and colon cancer. The other benefits that you can attain from taking Natural Factors Vitamin A supplements are:

  • It helps in boosting the immune system.
  • It improves the vision.
  • It helps in improving the skin.
  • It helps in the structuring of the bones.
  • It helps in regulating the growth of the cells.
  • It helps in the gene transcription and protein formation.

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