Lorna Estrosense: A formulation for hormonal balance

Press Release   •   Feb 08, 2017 03:58 EST

Lorna estrosence is a formula with unique combination of supplements that stimulate breakdown analog estrogen. The body breaks down estrogen in the liver but in instances where there are lots of pollutants, the body may be burdened. The environment is full of estrogen analogs and this may be the cause of breast cancer. Estrosense contains indole-3-carbinol, D glucarate and herbs that support the liver and assist in eliminating harmful body toxins.

The formula has antioxidant lycopene which works as a protective shield for breast tissue thus reducing radical damages. With Lorna estrosense we get hormonal balance, its active extracts protects against free radicals from pollution, cigarettes, alcohol and smoke. They come in capsules form that can be easily swallowed and aid in eliminating female related cancers. 

Use of Lorna estrosence improves progesterone and estrogen balance, treats fibroids, detoxifies the body of cosmetic, plastics and pesticides, eliminates abnormal cell growth, promotes good estrogen and eliminates body acne. The people who need hormonal balancing experience uterine fibroids, have acne, bad PMS, obesity problems, abnormal cell growth, perimenopause, have breast disease and have exposure in toxins, plastics and pesticides.

Now Lorna estrosence contains calcium D glucarate which acts to eliminate body toxins. The Indole-3-carbinol which destroys cancerous cells and eliminate body toxic elements. It is also concerned in controlling abnormal cell growth that causes endometriosis, cysts breast lumps and fibroids. Green tea extracts which works against cancerous cells. 

The curcumin is the yellow turmeric pigment which inhibits loss of calcium and improves on our body digestion. Diindolylmethane is involved cancerous estrogen into non toxic elements. Estrosense contains 50mg used for the breakdown of I3C. The rosemary extract detoxifies body and inhibits cancer causing agents while sulforaphane eliminates brown spots occurring on the skin.

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The formula has antioxidant lycopene which works as a protective shield for breast tissue thus reducing radical damages.