Lorna vanderhaeghe magsmart: Added magnesium Formula

Press Release   •   Feb 09, 2017 00:01 EST

Magnesium controls over 300 reactions in the body. A deficiency is implicated in irregular heartbeat, muscle pain, twitching eyelids, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, migraines, fibromyalgia, leg cramps, kidney stones, and so much more. We have lots of magnesium supplements in the market, but not all are greatly synthesized by our bodies. The best magnesium forms are bound to amino acids commonly grycine. The highly absorbable forms of magnesium include gycinate and bisglycinate.

 The best form of magnesium cross our blood brain barrier, controls our moods, reduces body stress and aid in sleeping. Magnesium intake also regulates body pain and cramps. We need up to 4 times magnesium citrate/ carbonate to get similar benefits as magnesium bisglycinate. We have several forms of magnesium bisglycinate and magsmart is the favorite.

Lorna vanderhaeghe magsmart contains taurine which controls blood pressure and removes puffy bags on our eyes. It also contains Vitamin B, muscular nutrients and malic acid. It has a lemon kind of taste and it can be taken as a juice when mixed with water. It is a great drink for aged, teens and athletes. Intake of magsmart in the night aids to provide restful sleep. Magnesium is a body mineral which aid in tissue proper functioning. In Canada, 80% of people are assumed deficient of magnesium. 

Its deficiency has led to cardiovascular conditions, fatigue, headache, PMA, diabetes and muscular complains. Magnesium cannot be obtained fully from the foods we take and thanks to the dietary supplement; we can increase magnesium supplements in the body. Research clearly proves that magnesium works well as calcium as a treatment for osteoporosis. It works as a body metabolic factor that inhibits cells which bound to the bone.

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Lorna vanderhaeghe magsmart contains taurine which controls blood pressure and removes puffy bags on our eyes.