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Megafood Baby and Me – Recommended by Dr. Stokes

Press Release   •   Feb 25, 2016 03:37 EST

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Pregnancy is a big time for a woman, and it often comes along with many different questions. There is almost always the need to change your diet, and you may be wondering about the best prenatal vitamins to take for a healthy pregnancy. The proper nourishment and support during your pregnancy sets the stage for your child’s growth and development, even after they’ve been birthed. MegaFood partnered up with Lundberg Family Farms, a third/fourth generation farm, to provide organic nutrition in the form of biotin and vitamin E to provide pregnant women with the nutrients they need.

How It Works

MegaFood Baby and Me is packed with everything you need in order to have a health pregnancy. The vitamins support not only your child’s health, but yours as well. It contains healthy foodstate nutrients that are chosen for maximum digestion and absorption. Each bottle is individually tested for allergens, gluten, soy and dairy, and doesn’t cause stomach issues regardless of how empty your stomach may be. It’s perfect for before, during and after pregnancy to ensure that your body can process the changes, whether it is morning sickness or digestion. There is Baby and Me multivitamins and Herb Free for pregnant women to choose from.

Why Dr. Stokes Recommends MegaFood Baby and Me

Dr. Stokes is a naturopathic doctor and the medical director at MegaFood. She has released her top three favorite qualities of MegaFood Baby and Me to explain why she loves it so much.

1. Contains real food from real farmers with farm fresh partners for organic materials and more

2. Can be taken any time of day, even on empty stomach, vital to those who are pregnant

3. Tested free of gluten, dairy and soy

You can order your MegaFood Baby and Me today from New customers save $5 on their first order with a coupon they receive, and you can save up to 20% off a full bottle of MegaFood tablets. is the Canada based vitamin shop available online throughout North America. They provide top notch customer service and great deals on a daily basis.