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Press release   •   Jul 27, 2016 07:24 EDT

WomenSense MenoSense

Vancouver, Canada – Whether we like it or not, we will reach a point in our lives where we will be aging and finally succumb to death. Women, unfortunately, have to undergo a process that men do not and will not experience. It’s called menopause and it scares a lot of women. However, women should never fear because there is a revolutionary product called Menosense by Natural Factors. This supplement contains 5 herbal extracts that will help women everywhere address symptoms associated with menopause.


This supplement contains the following herbal extracts and benefits:

Dong Quai is a herb that is known to normalize estrogen levels. It can be used for a variety of conditions such as menstrual cramps, PMS, and menopausal symptoms

Chaste berry is a herb known to affect the hormones responsible for one’s menstrual cycle. Known as “women’s herb,” it is utilized years back for PMS and irregular menstruation. It can also increase the amount of breast milk.

Black cohosh root is known as an herbal substitute for estrogen. It can create different effects on different parts of the body. It might strengthen the effects of estrogen on a certain body while inhibiting the effect of the hormone on another organ.

Hesperidin is a herb is used to help blood vessels work more efficiently

Gamma Oryzanol is an herbal extract with no definite mechanism of action determined. However, it shows promising effects of preventing cancer and normalizing high blood pressure

Always consult the doctor before taking any supplements to make sure you do not have to experience any adverse effects post the intake of supplements.


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