Mirena: Be Very Careful before Using This Birth Control Drug

Press Release   •   Jul 16, 2012 07:57 EDT

Scientists and researchers working in the medical field have discovered several measures fro birth control. Birth control has been considered as a necessity for several reasons. For some countries, pressure of over population affects their economy adversely. India, China and many other underdeveloped and developing countries have this kind of problem. Besides this, women living in several parts of the world do like to assert their choice in accepting pregnancy and in refusing the same. They do not want to welcome their pregnancy at the mercy of nature. For all these reasons, there are numbers of birth controlling measures available, at present, to the sexually active women of the world. They can go for contraceptives like condoms and birth control pills. There are intrauterine device made of plastic and copper which women can use for the same purpose. Mirena is one of the popular measures that women prefer to avoid pregnancy.

Mirena is one kind of intrauterine device with the help of which women can keep them away from getting pregnant. Mirena intrauterine device is attached to the uterus of the women for prevention of ovulation. It is a kind of medication which works on the hormonal system. The same device works well for the treatment of the women when, during menstrual period, they bleed profusely.

Mirena is a kind of tablets and that of an intrauterine device which is inserted in the uterus. Mirena allows the women to enjoy sex without protection, but they must keep a little thing in mind. This is regarding the dose. Mirena should be used in two tablets. One must take a tablet within seventy two hours after having sex without protection and it should be followed by another tablet after twelve hours. Women cannot get expected result if they are careless about it.

It should be borne in mind that Mirena is not for all. Women who have problems of diabetes mellitus should not use Mirena. Lactating moms should secure permission from the doctor before they use this drug, but women receiving anticoagulants must avoid this.

Women with uterus shaped differently, or women suffering from pelvic infections or from inflammation of uterus because of pregnancy should not use Mirena. Mirena is also not good for the women who have breast cancer or liver tumor. Women who maintain multiple sex partners must not choose Mirena intrauterine device. It is important to consult a physician if one wants to go for it. Users may experience serious types of side effects if they do not secure guidance and advices of the physician beforehand.

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